Getting the Right Photographer

You’re getting married – congratulations! The ring’s on your finger and you’re ready to start planning your special day. It’s when this time arrives that most couples realize that planning a wedding, especially a large one, is much more stress than they believed it would be.

There are so many things to plan, from the wedding itself to the reception necessities, such as the DJ and the caterer. There are flowers and the cake and the photographer. With all of these things that you have to plan, it’s no wonder that so many people opt to elope. If you’re looking for a good photographer, here are a few tips that should help you to find the perfect photographer in the shortest amount of time.

Getting Your Photographer
First thing’s first: finding your photographer. There are a few sources that you can look to in order to find a great photographer. First, if you have a friend who has recently gotten married, check out their wedding portraits. If you like them, ask who their photographer was. If you do opt to meet with the photographer, make sure that you drop your friend’s name. Some photographers offer specials for brides who drop their name, or they may even offer you a discount.

If you don’t know anyone who recently got married it’s time to hit up a few other options. If you’ve booked the caterer or DJ, ask them if they have any recommendations. Or you could also look to other sources, such as local websites. Websites like Craigslist are a great place to look for photographers.

One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t judge a photographer by their price. Some photographers charge exorbitant prices and have work that doesn’t speak to you, while others have photography that you love but have cheaper prices. Just because they’re less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not as good as the more expensive photographers. What’s really important is that you like the photographer’s style of work and that you can work well with them. Meet with them before the wedding and see if you click with them. If you don’t find any sort of comfort with the photographer, even if they’re supposedly the best, don’t hire them. On your special day you need to find a wedding photographer that you’re comfortable with and that creates the type of photos that you will enjoy looking at throughout the years.