The advancement of technology over the past few years has brought some rapid changes in the lifestyles of people. There has been a distinctive change in every area of our lives. Talking about shopping the concept of buying from shopping malls , grocery stores  and every other kind of store is being overtaken by e shopping i.e. buying and selling goods over internet.

For internet shopping one should have a computer and maybe an online bank account or a credit card, depends upon the protocol the sites use for payment ..Can be through cash, check or gift cards etc. But it surely lowers the agony of getting up and driving through the shop for purchasing the desired object. Especially when the destination is far away. Moreover when you shop in a real store, the clerk or the salesman will only tell you the positive sides of the products in order to persuade you to buy it. Whereas in e shopping sites…ratings and comments are provided by other users of that product, which makes you easy to judge the object by viewing its prone and cons .Although e shopping has made life easier in a way. The cyber intruders have made every possibility of robbing the innocent customers. So one should be extra careful while giving his credit card information. As there are many fake websites which take your credit card information for the wrong purposes. The only way of not getting into this trap by the hackers is to use trusted sites like Amazon, eBay etc. Moreover customers must be aware of that most of the websites do not include the total price of the item. Only base price of the items is shown …so by adding other expenses like taxes and shipping charge. It may amount up as compared to the original price mentioned on the sites.

Though it’s not common yet in under develop countries. As internet access is a major problem. But its convenience has appealed to the masses so far and by seeing its growth it will be common in the next coming years.