A review of free casino slots game choices

X men slot review:
X men slot is a one of the best free casino slots online because it has included the entire character sets of the most popular comedies and movies. These movies have brilliant characters. The X men’s free casino slots have an amazing set of graphics and the animations are out of this world.

This video slot of five lines contains nine pay lines and you get a top prize of an amazing sum of seven thousand five hundred times your bet. This slot is part of the progressive’s super hero jackpot and it gives you a chance of walking away with one of 3 jackpots.
The slot has its last symbol, an X logo and when you receive it on a payout of over three times, you trigger special bonus for the chance to win some prizes of the extra bonus.
In the X men’s bonus game, there are four zones of the city and in every zone you have to choose a Hero who will fight the villains. When you win in each zone, you get a beautiful huge bonus prize. You can watch heroes fighting it out using some special powers. Overall, this one of the free casino slots is excellent for everyone with a bonus game to boot.